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Wide adoption in LED lighting and displays spurs China suppliers of COB LED modules to keep strengthening the line, emphasizing brightness and reliability as a continuing objective.
Companies build on the lighting component's performance and cost advantages over rival SMD types to benefit further from these strong application markets. They target to achieve greater power, luminous efficacy and CRI, and boost thermal conductivity to pass LM-80 testing in a bigger number of releases. At present, makers can reach up to 130 lm/W, exceed 85 CRI and meet the LM-80 standard in high-end models. They offer units with as much as 300W rated power.
Integrating Cree chips, Shenzhen Xun Cai's variants have 20 to 150W, 110 to 130 lm/W, maximum 85 CRI, 2,700 to 10,000K color temperature and 120-degree viewing angle. The forward rate voltage is 30 to 32V, reverse voltage 0 to 5V, rated current up to 2.4A and thermal resistance 2.5 C/W, matching LM-80 requirements. Interviewed maker Shenzhen Fedy Technology Co. Ltd offers a model with 120 lm/W, as high as 90 CRI and 160-degree viewing.
Flip chip technology is getting more attention in local COB LED module manufacturing. The packaging method eliminates the use of gold wire, which reduces cost, and enables smaller configurations with enhanced thermal conductivity and as wide as a 180-degree viewing angle. Conventional COB LED modules, in comparison, support up to 120 degrees only.

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