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SMD LEDs Module|LED Lamps & diode, display|dot matrix - 7-Segment Display|Digital LED Display Manufacturer - Oasistek

via「Google News search」:https://www.ledinside.com/interview/2018/11/violumas_focus_extraordinary_high_power_uv_led_solutions

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Violumas, the UV division of Flip Chip Opto under Cofan Group, is known as a supplier for full-service UV LED products and solutions. Their patented 3-Pad Flip Chip technology allows them to engage in UV technologies and applications with more powerful and reliable solutions. Violumas provides the products from chip, package to modules in UV-A, UV-B and UV-C range (405 to 265 nm) and expertise in optical, mechanical and thermal design.
LEDinside was very honored to have a face to face interview with Saya Han from Violumas and Tim Ho from Cofan Taiwan on October 30, 2018 to talk about their insights towards UV LED market and their future targets.
(Saya Han, Violumas)
Han first introduced the history of Violumas, started from Flip Chip Opto, with expertise in semiconductors, electro-optics, material science, bonding engineering, thermal management and luminaire systems, to produce the world’s most powerful COB LEDs. It is the home of the patented 3-Pad Flip Chip technology, a collaboration with Cofan PCB division’s super pillar MCPCB.

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SMD LEDs Module|LED Lamps & diode, display|dot matrix - 7-Segment Display|Digital LED Display Manufacturer - Oasistek

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Wide adoption in LED lighting and displays spurs China suppliers of COB LED modules to keep strengthening the line, emphasizing brightness and reliability as a continuing objective.
Companies build on the lighting component's performance and cost advantages over rival SMD types to benefit further from these strong application markets. They target to achieve greater power, luminous efficacy and CRI, and boost thermal conductivity to pass LM-80 testing in a bigger number of releases. At present, makers can reach up to 130 lm/W, exceed 85 CRI and meet the LM-80 standard in high-end models. They offer units with as much as 300W rated power.
Integrating Cree chips, Shenzhen Xun Cai's variants have 20 to 150W, 110 to 130 lm/W, maximum 85 CRI, 2,700 to 10,000K color temperature and 120-degree viewing angle. The forward rate voltage is 30 to 32V, reverse voltage 0 to 5V, rated current up to 2.4A and thermal resistance 2.5 C/W, matching LM-80 requirements. Interviewed maker Shenzhen Fedy Technology Co. Ltd offers a model with 120 lm/W, as high as 90 CRI and 160-degree viewing.
Flip chip technology is getting more attention in local COB LED module manufacturing. The packaging method eliminates the use of gold wire, which reduces cost, and enables smaller configurations with enhanced thermal conductivity and as wide as a 180-degree viewing angle. Conventional COB LED modules, in comparison, support up to 120 degrees only.

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SMD LEDs Module|LED Lamps & diode, display|dot matrix - 7-Segment Display|Digital LED Display Manufacturer - Oasistek

via「Google News search」:https://www.ledinside.com/news/2018/11/led_medical_applications_for_healthcare_enhancement

In February 2018, a new ultrathin, elastic Micro LED display that fits snugly on the skin was developed by researchers at the University of Tokyo and Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) in an academic-industrial collaboration. The integrated biomedical sensor system, named “skin electronics” combines a flexible, deformable display with a lightweight sensor composed of a breathable nanomesh electrode and wireless communication module.
(Image: University of Tokyo)
The flexible skin electronics is able to measure medical data via the sensor and display the information on the screen while transmitting it to the cloud or other memory devices. The system was developed with the purpose to enhance information accessibility for the elderly or the infirm, who have difficulty operating and obtaining data from existing devices and interfaces.
The integrated skin sensor system is expected to enter the market in the next three years, according to the collaborated company, DNP. Currently the company is working on improving the reliability of the stretchable devices through optimizing its structure, enhancing the production process for high integration, and overcoming technical challenges such as large-area coverage.

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SMD LEDs Module|LED Lamps & diode, display|dot matrix - 7-Segment Display|Digital LED Display Manufacturer - Oasistek

via「Google News search」:https://www.ecmweb.com/lighting-control/light-quality-back-style

Times have changed. Today, in the age of solid state/LED lighting, quality means something significant. Despite many advances in the technology that have been universally adopted, quality can be all over the map.
An LED bulb/tube’s design, materials, construction and assembly are key differentiators that can produce meaningful variations in performance and reliability. To a degree, that’s to be expected; as with any product, LED bulbs come in a range of quality levels, even from individual suppliers. But while subtle differences in quality can make a difference on the margins with many products, they can be much more impactful with LED technology.
When corners are cut on key production elements for price considerations, such as the type and quality of components selected and how they’re designed, assembled and integrated into an LED, the result can be a product with hidden deficiencies. And that’s a concern when an LED installation often represents a substantial long-term investment in improved, value-added illumination and savings in energy, replacement and maintenance over many years.

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機車雨衣推薦,兩件式雨衣推薦,無毒兒童雨衣系列 - 天龍牌雨衣官網


(記者 齊兵)無為縣赫店鎮依托雨具產業集聚優勢,努力打造“一鎮一品”,把產業扶貧和就業脫貧政策落到實處。據統計,全鎮9個村、1個社區2000余人從事雨具生產,其中吸納貧困戶直接就業和居家就業、電商創業近200人,帶動貧困戶就業增收。
  赫店鎮雨具制作起步于上世紀70年代末,通過多年發展,逐漸形成規模,成為該鎮傳統支柱產業。大大小小雨衣雨具制造企業遍布全鎮,紅黃藍綠紫五彩雨衣如花綻放,堪為全鎮一景。為推動產業扶貧和就業脫貧政策落地,赫店鎮黨委政府積極規劃引導雨衣雨具加工企業集聚發展,將其打造為該鎮“一鎮一品”。鎮政府通過多種宣傳途徑,積極向各村(社區)介紹務工信息,各村(社區)再向貧困戶介紹、推薦就業崗位。該鎮現有注冊企業36家,另有大戶20余家。其中,企業直接吸納進場就業的貧困戶近90人,通過“企業+農戶”居家就業模式的貧困戶70余人,人均年收入12000元。此外,該鎮積極開展電商扶貧,通過“互聯網+”進行網上營銷。目前,該鎮雨衣產業每年30%的產品全部實現網絡平臺直銷, 2017年網上交易額達800萬元,現有網商網企12個,其中年銷售額較大的網店5家,培育發展電商創業的貧困戶30多人。2018年該鎮赫店社區被評為省級農村電商示范村。


機車雨衣推薦,兩件式雨衣推薦,無毒兒童雨衣系列 - 天龍牌雨衣官網


穿新雨衣 成都民警被贊拉風“小黃人”
進口面料 辨識度高安全透氣不怕淋


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