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In February 2018, a new ultrathin, elastic Micro LED display that fits snugly on the skin was developed by researchers at the University of Tokyo and Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) in an academic-industrial collaboration. The integrated biomedical sensor system, named “skin electronics” combines a flexible, deformable display with a lightweight sensor composed of a breathable nanomesh electrode and wireless communication module.
(Image: University of Tokyo)
The flexible skin electronics is able to measure medical data via the sensor and display the information on the screen while transmitting it to the cloud or other memory devices. The system was developed with the purpose to enhance information accessibility for the elderly or the infirm, who have difficulty operating and obtaining data from existing devices and interfaces.
The integrated skin sensor system is expected to enter the market in the next three years, according to the collaborated company, DNP. Currently the company is working on improving the reliability of the stretchable devices through optimizing its structure, enhancing the production process for high integration, and overcoming technical challenges such as large-area coverage.

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