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Times have changed. Today, in the age of solid state/LED lighting, quality means something significant. Despite many advances in the technology that have been universally adopted, quality can be all over the map.
An LED bulb/tube’s design, materials, construction and assembly are key differentiators that can produce meaningful variations in performance and reliability. To a degree, that’s to be expected; as with any product, LED bulbs come in a range of quality levels, even from individual suppliers. But while subtle differences in quality can make a difference on the margins with many products, they can be much more impactful with LED technology.
When corners are cut on key production elements for price considerations, such as the type and quality of components selected and how they’re designed, assembled and integrated into an LED, the result can be a product with hidden deficiencies. And that’s a concern when an LED installation often represents a substantial long-term investment in improved, value-added illumination and savings in energy, replacement and maintenance over many years.

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